As a result of constructive discussions between UKSR and the International Seabed Authority (ISA), the development of an online training programme has been completed in collaboration with UK National Oceanography Centre Innovations (NOCi).  NOCi is a world leading provider of science and technology solutions for the marine environment, based in Southampton, UK.

The bespoke online platform has been set up to maximise the accessibility of training programme availability for the current 5-year period by delivering professional-level online training, tailored to the specific needs of developing nations considering sponsoring or undertaking their own exploration activities.

The online course aim to introduce trainees from developing nations to the practical aspects of designing and implementing a deep seabed minerals exploration programme. The course is delivered by NOCi at no cost to candidates selected by the ISA. 

As designed the coursework encompasses a total of 21 digital training sessions including a mixture of video and DSM presentations and case studies. The coursework includes over 256 learning hours and covers 82 discrete learning topics covering a diverse background of subjects including DSM best practices and real-life examples.

The 8 weeks online course was launched in January 2024. UKSR and Loke are currently supporting 25 ISA selected trainees through the ongoing NOCi training.


For more information, please see the ISA’s Contractors’ training programme webpge